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      About us

La Ionel pension is classified by ANTREC as a 2 daisies pension. Our B&B awaits for you in a quiet environment, away from the bustle and noise of the city, in an exquisite mountain setting, full of greenery, forests, fast and crystal clear mountain waters and only 40 km from Cluj Napoca. See location on map.

The place is open to all age categories. Thus, adults have the possibility to hike as the trails are suitable both for the young and old. For more details, please visit the Facilities page.

For reservations or further details about the location and / or facilities, please contact us by using the Contact page or you can reach us at of the numbers displayed on the website.

It provides peace and isolation and it invites you to meditation and finding yourself.

Motto: No time.

Is the formula through which we recognize that we are the slaves of the petty daily business.. What if we would try to take a moment of freedom? To be ourselves? It would be a luxury ... it would allow us to fulfill our essential esential duties wich we neglect.

Do husbands and wifes still talk to each other or walk together? Or do they run with no respite, without rising above the everyday problems? Do they just become managers of family affairs? Love, if not supplied with a fresh engagement, it will become just a habit.

Parents today do not have time to talk with their children, to look into their eyes and to help them express their thoughts or plans. Do they stick around to joke, to be friends with their children? And then they wonder when children take the wrong path; Elderly parents are left in isolation, because they have lived their life and now are superfluous. We honour the families which maintain the ties between different generations.

And the communication with God?, As you greet your familiy members, you could say, "Lord, I offer this day, help me serve you." And when the red lights are on, without taking the cell phone from your pocket, you can tell Him: "My father, I have never forgotten you, please talk to me, I am listening!" In the bus you can extend this request to all passengers, talking to mystic cellphone: "Our Father in heaven, help us to love you and let people love each other".

It is that simple! And if you start, you get the habit of this dialogue and feel the need to have a dialy time of collectedness. You can do a heroic act and quit watching a TV series or a game. Restore communication at all levels. You just have to start! Courage!

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